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Wattage Cottage


As a USA Cycling Certified coach I can guide those with the desire to push themselves along the path to finding their true potential. As racers or serious enthusiasts alike, I provide full coaching and/or consulting utilizing my B.S. in Exercise Science and first hand experience in training for both heart rate and/or power based athletes up to the World Cup level. Having coached myself, and others, to the podium in disciplines ranging from cyclocross, long/short course triathlons (including Ironman), marathons and ultramarathons (trail/road), road racing, and mountain biking (xc/marathon/ultradistance) I know what it takes from marginal to exponential...from amateur to professional. 


In addition to coaching I strive to keep people smiling on their bicycles by interpreting each riders idea of the "perfect ride" into a proper fit that keeps them riding for years to come whether you're the racer seeking to work on your fit progressively or just seeking comfort in your first century ride I can help. With knowledge of the human kinetic chain, and how integral a cyclist's anatomy plays in their fit  and form on the bicycle I provide full fit services.


I have the experience having gone through alot of what works and doesn't work. Together we can streamline your training, optimizing your time in an effort to attain your goals be it beginner or seasoned pro. If you want to perform near or at peak form, or just want to ride stronger in your local group rides... Wattage Cottage can help, and I look forward to doing so! Let me manage the science, after all..." what gets measured gets managed"!