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My Coaching Philosophy

As an athlete today you have more tools and resources at your finger tips than ever before. With the vast array of heart rate monitors and power meters on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate your way through effectively utilizing these tools. Many of which have a learning curve and you can quickly get overwhelmed. Trying to make sense of all the data , how your body is responding to training, and translating that into useful knowledge, all in an effort to peak for your specific goal, event, or in some cases multiple events within a season....just saying that makes some athletes dizzy!

My number one  goal as a coach is to teach you the athlete how to manage your stress on and off the bike, so you can focus your time and energy on reaching your potential as an athlete. Through the various programs below I have helped coach athletes in Road, Mountain, Cyclocross, and Track. From novice to elite level National Championships, Podiums. I've also fostered the growth and development  of some into the professional ranks. 


By utilizing a holistic approach that balances athlete feedback and data from your powermeter and/or heart rate monitor I work with you the athlete to learn first what your body is telling you and second what your data is.   Through gathering this subjective (notes/phone/email) AND objective (Power and/or HR data) my aim is to have you reach your max potential as a cyclist.  Let me manage planning your training this season so you can focus on your goals. Tap into your potential and avoid the frustration and additional stress of planning your own training month to month, season to season!

***I Also do skills only sessions- Please email for details and availability: