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New what?Get some skills!!

Skills 101

Sign up for a skills clinic! Beginner friendly learn the fundamentals needed to advance in the sport of mountain biking. Whether you just want to ride your local trails with confidence or aspire to ride the most technical terrain you gloss over in magazines and videos it all starts with a strong foundation in skills! Learn body positioning, bike/body relationship, basic cornering skills! Develop the fundamentals needed to ride beginner to intermediate trails by laying the groundwork to becoming a better rider whether you are a veteran breaking bad habits or a new rider! All ages and skill levels ($75/1.5hr session)

Skills 201

You've honed your basic skills and can ride beginner to intermediate level trails but now you want to push the pace and learn how to corner faster, ride longer/stronger, recognize line choice, and more! If you are skipping certain sections like rock gardens or difficult roots on your local XC course or seem to over brake wasting all that speed you worked hard to get then this is the course for you! We will focus on momentum and finer points of cornering and conquering basic obstacles. All ages *intermediate rider* ($125/2.5hr session)

Skills 301

This is for the seasoned rider that really wants to push the limits of body position and clearing obstacles that may not seem rideable at first glance. This is a two day course in Pisgah National Forest home to some of the best and most technical riding in the United States. Topics covered will be bike/body position for steep technical descending, how to select lines for both fun and speed (enduro style!), technical climbing, nutrition/training/ and more!! 18+ *advanced riders only- resume required* ($500/ Full wknd of sending it!)

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