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Wattage Cottage

  • Brandon Davis

Enjoy the Process

Every year I get to August and between road and xc season fading into the books and cyclocross season building a slow steady roar I find myself looking ahead to the next [insert event]. As cyclists and enthusiasts of sport there is a thirst to be quenched. I find more often than not there are typically two types of cyclists. Those that look forward to a break and chance to slow down from race pace, elated for alternate training. Then there are those that feel they will go from hero to zero with a week off from structured interval work. I take my time to talk them off the ledge of overtraining reassuring them that two weeks of "at will riding" or no riding will make them fitter and stronger both mentally and physically. Every year I take a couple weeks off staying active but not worrying about intervals, tss, and nutrient density of my recovery shakes. This not only gives me a chance to reflect on my year, but also a chance to plan for the next [insert goal]. Whichever personality you connect with regardless of discipline, slow down and enjoy the process. As the saying goes, "slow is smooth, and smooth is fast"- here's to a faster 2017!