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  • Brandon Davis

Walk before you run….then ride….then ride longer.

It’s cold and rainy late afternoon and I’m spinning steady tempo on the infamous JAM Fundo mini route, a classic route for the Pioneer Valley that winds up and over some of the best dirt roads in Western, MA. This is the kind of afternoon that Rapha seeks for its photo shoots…that dreary, black and grey imagery immediately pops into your head….yeah that kinda weather. I am out in the elements glad that I layered on the cautious side because it’s a solid 10deg cooler up in the hills north of Southampton. I say all of this because just two days ago I was running in Wilmington, NC (my hometown) in sunny 80+ deg weather and wishing for the type of dreary weather I now currently occupy. My motivation this fall is at an all-time high and I’m both curious and cautious at the same time. Knowing that I have to gradually build the biggest base I probably have to date. I’m anxious to do 4-5hr solo vision quests on two wheels but realize that I need to ease into it or I will get torched by December and be rendered useless and sick by January.

Walk before you run…..

My first run last week was surprisingly enjoyable instantaneously from walking out my door to ramping into what turned out to be a solid run for me given I haven’t ran in almost a year. Although it was only 25min long I turned 9min/mi pace as an average without ever feeling pushed both physically and via referencing my heart rate monitor…..this was on trails too mind you. I felt great that day more from the fact that I was officially starting the prep phase of my 2017 season than the run’s success. I immediately followed this with body weighted strength training routine of ~20min in length and some yoga. All in all it was about 1hour of work.

Then ride…..

Now back to my ride. Whenever I get a chance to ride when at Jeremy’s in MA I take the opportunity as a golden nugget to test some times on various sections of my mini-fundo route variant. One of these tests is how fast I can devour a fig bar from the bakery on the way home. The other is bleeding out my eyes up Kings Hwy climb. With fresh tar/stone surface making for a loose ascent I’m happy to report that I’m merely 10sec off my PR and we’ve only just started.

Then ride longer