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  • Brandon Davis

Do you even "WORK" bro?

It's 8am at my hotel in western NY, I'm on route to Cincy 3 / Pan-am Wknd (a big wknd for the domestic cyclocross circuit) in support of Jeremy Powers and Ellen Noble as they seek to defend their respective titles. I think about the work they put in to hone their craft and can't help but be inspired by their work ethic... but before inspiration turns into motivation and then action I decide to have another cup of coffee and write to you about it.

Jeremy says often, "DO WORK". Work...what does it mean? As the first snowfall flies outside my hotel window this am I think about what motivates people- myself included - to "do work" in our respective disciplines and capacities.

WORK- for the purpose of our conversation is the ability to dial the effort and process to maximize the desired effect of the workout you have for the day in an effort to arrive at our best for a given event.

The misconception is that work should be always hard. Reality is this doesn't mean necessarily going hard all the time. Some days it's nailing that 30min mobility session you avoid every Sunday after your long ride. Other days it's riding the trainer for 20-30min post race to cooldown...or nailing your nutrition to optimize recovery and be ready to "do work" the next day. As they say, "recovery is training".

The PROCESS is what DOING WORK is all about. So often in this bigger, better, more, [insert adjective] world we assume if it's not hard it's not work. No more is this so vastly misconceived than in sport. This isn't to say that you never need to go so hard you can't stand up in the shower....but rather to say don't neglect recovery between workouts both in the form of physical and mental. Physical includes nutrition and treating your body like a finely tuned instrument.

So as I sit here watching the snow fall outside. I think about the work I have ahead. This week it's been about dialing in Nutrition via implementing some solid practices I've taken in observing some of the best cross' racers in the world as well as some of the info found in Kelli Jennings "Fuel Right, Race Light" E-book. Highly suggested reading. Today it's about core and a short run, on paper it's easy but in reality it's hard to not do more. Next week we move into base phase on the bike for the coming XC season.

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