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  • Brandon Davis

Adventure Fit

As a kid growing up in rural upstate New York, I was always ready for the next adventure, whether it was bikes, fishing, playing in the woods, or riding anything and everything motorized. As I grew into my late teens then early 20's those adventures narrowed into more specific interests, and honestly less than healthy practices at times. That said I always was into some sort of "off the path" sport. As a kid it was board sports with snowboarding being my true love. That evolved into surfing as my now wife and I moved gradually down the east coast. This brings me to my current "season" of life if you will. Now with two kids, one being only a mere week old as I type this, I find myself foraying into more casual but spirited sports. Racing crits has been replaced by singlespeed mountain biking, and rock climbing has been replaced by fly fishing. None the less both require you to maintain a certain level of health in an effort to fully capitalize on the coveted time I currently get to spend on either.

Enters the term "Adventure Fit"

Everyone has that uncle or friend that they remember as a kid that would always be the purveyor of fun when family gatherings came around or that was getting scolded alongside you and your cousins for "pushing" the lines. That's me now.

At almost 37yrs old I am now officially labeling this, and as I creep up on my twenties I'm going to dabble in the world of SUP (stand up paddleboard) racing and just maybe have something for core maintenance that is more fun than doing planks til you vomit. In addition it's something I can do with my son (5yrs old) that can be an adventure and at the same time stave off the dad bod for another trip around the sun.

Happy 4th of July and cheers to all the veterans out there that allow us to enjoy our adventures.

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