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  • Brandon Davis

New Year New SPORT

December 2019 ushered in a new proving ground in athletic pursuit. As an endurance athlete who has competed in loads of events the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is like nothing I've done to date. It's all the adrenaline of hardcore racing with the added intensity of an anaerobic level that I didn't think was possible outside of the 100m sprint. In the beginning of December I was seeking an outlet for my six year old son Ian. I wanted to add some discipline and structure in his life that would also add a skill.... what better than martial arts right? Well little did I know that not only would he dive head first in, but that I felt the need to practice what I was preaching and also dove in. Now we are in our 4th week of going roughly two times a week each and I'm hooked!!!!

What I like most about this sport is that it is completely foreign so that newness and yearn to learn vibe is full on. Other than being aerobically fit and strong I have no crossover skill. I found this out quickly the first night when I attended a drill session and learned that technique and technical prowess cannot be out muscled. I got my ass handed to me by both the professor's ( like a sensai or master in other disciplines) teenage sons. Both of which are almost 20lbs lighter and 6in shorter.... eyes wide open and humbled. I leaned more in that one hour session about myself than I have in a long time.

For 2020 I look forward to putting the work in and getting more time in this seemingly endless pursuit.

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